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Cantilever Modules

This is the ideal storage solution for storing long-length or awkward products such as long bars, tubes, pipes and other non-palletized items. Cantilever arm elevations are easily adjustable to accommodate any bundle size. Cantilever Racking can range in sizes, gauges and accessories are available to meet all your requirements.

Cantilever racking accommodates the need for quick & easy height adjustments. Cantilever arms can be placed at suitable levels for maximum utilization of vertical space. Support arms can vary in depth and load capacity depending on your product weight.

A flexible solution for both double-sided and wall access applications. Cantilever racking is available as a single sided or double sided configuration either for light or heavy duty items.

Single sided cantilevers are designed to fit flush against a wall whereas the Double sided system is designed to maximize storage availability.

  • Cantilever shelving is ideal for the storage of beams, pipes, timber, etc
  • Support arms are fully height adjustable
  • Easy access for most products
  • Serviceable by any forklift

Cantilever Modules

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